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October 30, 2018



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.... almost 40% have deployed LTE-Advanced networks

October 30, 2018: Download this press release for key data from our comprehensive Global Development of LTE Networks and Services Survey

Strong themes were 5G, IoT, AI, Content ....

Arvani Report from MWCA

Los Angeles, September 12-14

This report by HADDEN TELECOMS lists all 89 LTE / LTE-Advanced network operators offering VoWiFi Calling service, and another 22 operators studying, trialing or deploying VoWiFi technology
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According to the latest VoWiFi Service Launches Worldwide study by Hadden Telecoms Ltd, VoWiFi Calling is now available to users on 89 LTE / LTE-Advanced networks in 46 countries. More stats in this press release

Beam steering will be a key feature in the context of 5G and testing will be a major challenge. This paper presents an approach for verifying the accuracy of beam steering.

This report by HADDEN TELECOMS lists all 164 commercially launched VoLTE operators, and another 69 operators studying, trialing or deploying VoLTE technology

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According to the latest VoLTE Service Launches Worldwide study by HADDEN TELECOMS, VoLTE service is available to users on 164 LTE or LTE-Advanced networks across all regions of the world. This represents 24% of all 686 commercially launched LTE networks worldwide.
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This white paper provides an overview of test solutions addressing current and future requirements for antenna verification including both conducted and over-the-air (OTA) test methods, which result from applying Massive MIMO antenna technology.

mmW bands are of increasing interest for the satellite industry and under discussion as potential 5G spectrum. This white paper introduces some of the fundamental theory behind beamforming antennas, with simulation results and practical measurements.

Evolution towards 5G: this presentation from Telstra outlines the company's experience with slicing on 4G/LTE for various use cases, and the benefits with 5G enabling the ability to offer more dynamic slices of network

Presentation by Mike Wright, Group MD Networks, Telstra

Turkcell has become an “experience provider” and highlights the importance of 5G to support new business models and capacity needs
Presentation from Turkcell by Gulay Yardim given at 5G Briefing, Istanbul, 9 May 2018

Summarising preparations on the company's road to IoT using NB-IoT, growing ecosystem developments, and market forecasts  

Presentation from Telekom Slovenije by Marjan Muršec given at 5G World 2018, Here and Now Session

Machine communications is one of the three key pillars of 5G. The good news is that we have the technologies here and now to deploy IoT or MMC with NB-IoT and other unlicensed solutions. But we do not have the business case - will MNOs really be interested or will different ecosystems emerge?

Presentation from Webb Search by Prof. William Webb given at 5G World 2018

Analytics & Monetization. What will 5G bring?

Presentation from Viavi Solutions by Paul Gowans given at 5G World 2018, Here and Now Session

The future of mission-critical communications is LTE and 5G. Benefits, opportunities, TETRA to LTE migration challenges

Presentation from Critical Communications Insights by Ken Rehbehn given at 5G World 2018, Here and Now Session

Presentation from 3 UK by Erol Hepsaydir given at 5G Briefing, Istanbul, 9 May 2018

Summary of key results/conclusions from the inaugural 5G Briefing workshop and conference

Held in Istanbul on May 8-9, 2018

Organiser: HanseCom Media & Communication

Next 5G Briefing: Germany, December 2018

5G needs both higher and lower frequency bands to meet multiple use case scenarios. WRC-19 will have to conclude on the new 5G spectrum bands.

Presentation from Telefonica Germany by Uwe Löwenstein given at 5G Briefing, Istanbul, 9 May 2018